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Storyline 360 Tutorial - How to add a Content Library 360 Template in eLearning

In today’s storyline tutorial, we are going to learn how to add a Content Library 360 Template to your project. Content Library 360 is a collection of professionally created slide templates and course elements that speeds up production and impresses your audience.

It's quite easy to add templates from the Content Library 360. Click New Slide from the Home tab and select Content Library 360. Then choose a template and click Insert Slide.

Note: Hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys while clicking additional thumbnail photos to import many templates at once.

articulate storyline 360 elearning how-to video tutorial

Would you like to grow your #eLearning and #onlinetraining #skills?

Philips Learning is one of the leading educators of Articulate Storyline 360 How-To video tutorials on the internet.

👉Philip's Masterclass:

👉Accessibility Videos:

👉SMART Tips:

👉Interactivity Videos:

👉End-to-End tutorial for Beginners:

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