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Storyline 360 Tutorial - How to edit slides in Story View in eLearning

In today’s storyline tutorial, we are going to learn how to edit slides in story view.

Although slide-specific tasks are managed in Slide View, some adjustments can be handled in Story View.

You can change the layout in two ways.

Option 1: Right-click any slide, scroll to Apply Layout, and choose a layout.

Option 2: Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click Apply Layout, and choose a layout.

You can change the background in two ways.

Option 1: Right-click a slide and choose Format Background to add a different fill to the slide's background.

Option 2: Go to the Design tab on the ribbon and click Background Styles, then right-click one of the styles to apply it to the selected slide(s).

You can use the Design themes to alter the background, colors, and fonts of your course quickly. Go to the Design tab on the ribbon, right-click any theme, and apply it to the selected slide(s).

The Transitions tab makes it simple to add a slide transition. You can adjust the slide transition by picking an effect from the drop-down menu when the Effect Options button is active.

When learners interact with your course, Storyline 360 uses triggers to determine how to respond. You can add, update, and delete triggers on a slide using the Triggers panel.

You can easily control how slides advance, how they behave when revisited, and which player controls they display using the Slide Properties panel in the lower right corner. Story View also allows you to duplicate, rename or delete slides by right-clicking any slide.

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