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Storyline 360 Tutorial - How to work with Scenes or Story View in eLearning

In today’s storyline tutorial, we are going to learn how to work with scenes.

A scene is included in every Storyline 360 project. In a Story view, you can add, delete, and rearrange the slides. The first scene that learners see when they start the course is the starting scene. The starting scene is marked in Story View by a small red flag next to its title.

Note: You can select any scene as the initial scene. Choose the following options to make changes.

Option 1: select a scene, then click the Starting Scene button on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Option 2: choose Starting Scene from the context menu when you right-click the scene.

You can add scenes in multiple ways.

Option 1: Select New Scene from the Home menu and

Option 2: Choose New Scene by right-clicking anywhere in the workspace.

Option 3: Duplicate an existing scene by selecting it and using keyboard function Ctrl+D, or right-clicking it and selecting Duplicate.

You can delete scenes in two ways.

Option 1: Select the scene and press Delete on your keyboard.

Option 2: Right-click the scene and choose Delete.

Each scene has a title at the top with Untitled Scene as the default value. You can rename a scene in two ways.

Option 1: To edit the title, double-click it, type the new name, and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Option 2: Right-click the scene and select Rename from the menu. On your keyboard, type the new name and press Enter.

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